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Most of us did NOT learn how to comprehensively evaluate and address swallowing issues back in OT school, especially not for our pediatric clients. The occupation of mealtime is one of our most important and you can't eat if you can't swallow. That's where our course: "The Neurobiology of Swallowing & Dysphagia" comes in handy.

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Oral Motor

Looking for effective and motivating intervention ideas and tools for helping your pediatric clients build their oral motor skills? Wondering what Baby Led Weaning is and how you can use it? Wondering how to get your client to chew real food? Not to worry- those topics are our favorites. Check out: Teaching Kids to Eat to learn more. 

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Picky Eating

You can fix picky eating. And we've spent years digesting the research and trying all the intervention techniques to find a formula that WORKS. This course shows you how to individualize your therapy in respectful ways for kids who struggle with picky eating. Re-Thinking Picky Eating is unique and invaluable for feeding therapists. 

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Feeders & Growers

We started F&G with a drive to change the way OTs are taught about feeding and swallowing issues. After years of feeling like we were just missing something, we realized that what was missing was quality, comprehensive continuing education for OTs, by OTs on the topics of infant and pediatric feeding, eating, and swallowing. We became driven to improve feeding therapy outcomes for ourselves and for other OTs out there who care deeply about our clients but aren't making the gains we hoped for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Short answer- of course! We love our Speech Therapy colleagues and we know you will benefit from our courses. 

Long answer- we aren't an approved ASHA provider so we can't give you the CEUs you deserve if you're a SLP so we want to make sure you know that up front before you sign up. Still, we know you will be able to take your practice to the next level with these courses and we don't want to leave you out. 

We give you 3 months (90 days) to complete your course. If you need more time than that, just let us know. We're pretty flexible. We just know that the sooner you finish, the more likely you are to complete the course!

We have a mentorship program, which we call our Learning Collaborative! This will soon be incorporated into the Solid Starts professionals portal. To sign up for updates, click here!


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You're committed to deepening your clinical practice and we're here to help. We are obsessed with getting OTs into the practice area of feeding, eating & swallowing because our unique perspective is so needed. Keep in touch and we'll let you know about new courses that give you that solid foundation.